Spilleliste 8. Mars 2013

Depeche Mode coverlåt sending

Zeromancer - Photographic
Seize - Shake the disease
Commuter - Agent Orange
Disown - Policy of Truth
32Crash - Get the balance right
Converge - Clean
Rammstein - Stripped
Susan Boyle - Enjoy the silence
In Flames - Everything counts
Marsheaux - New life
Leæther Strip - Blasphemous rumours
Friendly Fires - Stranglove

Yngve i studio og Katharina i teknikken.

Spilleliste for "witch house"-sending 02.03.13

Benedicte i studio med "witch house"-fan Linda, snakker om mystiske musikk og triangler.

oOoOO - TryTry
White Ring – IxC999
S4lem – Dirt
CVL† SH‡† - ßƟD¥ ßΔGƵ
xxyyxx – Witching Hour
Light Asylum - Shallow Tears
B▲L▲M▲C▲B (Balam Acab) – See Birds
Zola Jesus – Crowns
Crim3s – Holes(Glass Teeth Remix)
†‡† (Ritualz) - III

Syntetisk, lørdag 23 februar 2013

Hedda som debutant, Kant Kino (Kenneth og Lars) som gjester og Katharina i teknikken :)

E-Craft - Kill The Fakes
Kant Kino - We Are Still Kant Kino
Kant Kino - Ich Liebe Katarina Witt
Kant Kino - Just For The Comfort of Sleep
Kant Kino - Freezing
Kant Kino - My Game (album)
Onetwo - Have A Cigar
David Sylvian - Let The Happiness In

Else R :)

Spilleliste 16.Februar 2013

Covenant - Theremin
Pirat Torsdag - Oslo
Spark! - Hela din värld
Agent Side Grinder - Wolf hour
Moonlight Cove - Hero of mine
Kant Kino - übermench
Three Winters - Atrocities
Holy Toy - Glas demona stroza
Vanligt Folk - Idiotar av församlingen
Mesh - Born to lie
Noisuf-X - Scary looking things
Elektrisk Regn - Naboen er nynazist

Benedickte og Yngve i studio.
Katharina i teknikken

Spilleliste 9. februar 2013

Fad Gadget - Luxury
Men Without Hats - Where Do The Boys Go
Men Without Hats - Devil Comes Around (fra Love In the Age of War)
:wumpscut: - Soylent Green (fra Music for a slaughtering tribe)
Organic - Katharina Distortion (fra Under your carbon distortion)
Nitzer Ebb - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
FabrikC - Mensch
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (fra The age of consent)
Margaret Berger - I Feed You My Love
Slagsmålsklubben - Kasta Sten
Red Cell - Lust

Spilleliste Syntetisk 02.02.13

Depeche Mode og Melodi Grand Prix/Gothminister-spesial
med Else og Benedicte i studio!

Tears for Fears – Mad World
The Cure – World in My Eyes (Depeche Mode Cover)
Depeche Mode – Heaven (Owlle Remix)
Depeche Mode – All That's Mine
Krystal System – Master and Servant (Depech Mode Cover)
Gothminister – Utopia
Gothminister - Monster
Welle: Erdball – Pupee de Cire (France Gall Cover)
Depeche Mode – Photographic
Metroland – 2013
Kant Kino – The Sweetest Crime (feat. Hanne Haugsand)

Spilleliste 26. januar 2013

Psyche - The Quickening (club mix)
Phosgore - PFIA
Spark! - Popcomplex
Monaco - What do you want from me
Covenant - Bullet
Man without country - Puppets
Apoptygma Berzerk - Bitch
Cyberaktif - Roadkill
Fields Of The Nephilim - Moonchild
Chris and Cosey - October
X Marks the Pedwalk - Abbatoir

Yngve, Henrik og Tora i studio. Katharina bak spakene.

Spilleliste 19. januar 2013 med KOMA festival i studio

Titans - All there is
Cryo - Zero-G
Soman - Noise Anthem
Heimaterde - Templerblut
Xotox - Mechanische Unruhe
Sam - World of Shit (Soman rmx)
Code64 - Accelerate
Black Marble - A Great Design
Moist - Me and You
Nachtmahr - Boom Boom Boom

- KOMA Festival 20-22. juni i Kanonhallen Hasle. Billetter kan kjøpes på http://www.komaf.net/ og https://www.facebook.com/KomaFestival.
- CyberDyne er i kveld på Skuret. Be there or be analog: https://www.facebook.com/events/488329274539227

I studio: Henrik og Benedicte, med Michael fra KOMA festival på besøk. Katharina stod for teknikken.

Syntetisk spesial - Recoil: A Strange Hour - Radio Special Edit

Kosetime! Else i studio, Katharina i teknikken :)

Recoil music excerpts:
Want, Allelujah, The Killing Ground, Shunt, Black Box, Electro Blues for Bukka White, Stalker, Faith Healer, Jezebel, Edge To Life, Incubus

Additional excerpts:
To Shape The Future (Optical), Never Let Me Down Again, In Your Room, Walking In My Shoes, Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode), Uranokemia (Pan Sonic), Warm Leatherette (The Normal), Fundamental (Sasha), Are Friends Electric? (Tubeway Army).

Spilleliste for Vilde & Benedicte i studio 05.01.13

Mind.Area - Proclamation
MetalTech - Dreams
Front 242 - Headhunter
Revolting Cocks - Dykes
Analog Angel - Shadows
IAMX - The Unified Field
Jean Michel Jarre - Zoolookologie
I:Scintilla - Skin Tight
Kant Kino - Invisible Tears
Hocico - Intruder -Twin Version
Spahn Ranch - Remnants
Mashup: Visage - Fade to Grey + Kelly Osbourne - One Word

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