Syntetisk spilleliste 7. juli 2012

The Azoic - Going Under (Remixed By Conetik) (fra Re:Illumination [the Mixes])
Die Antwoord - I Fink U Freeky (fra Ten$Ion)
Thyx - Black Hole (fra The Way Home)
I Start Counting - Catch That Look (fra My Translucent Hands)
And One - Memory (fra S.T.O.P.)
Modern Cubism - Ennemis (feat. Jean Luc de Meyer (Front 242)) (fra ...Tout le firmament autour)
Surgyn - Sharp As Stars (fra Vanity)
Oldschool Union - Älä Ole, Elä! (Spark! Remix) (fra Älä Ole, Elä!)
Assemblage 23 - Crosstalk (fra Bruise)
Celldweller - The Stars of Orion (fra Celldweller)
Thyx - Underdive (fra The Way Home)
Kant Kino - Freezing (Demo)
The Azoic - Illuminate (Remixed By Gasr) (fra Re:Illumination [the Mixes])

Henrik i studio, Katharina bak spakene! Hurra!